Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is the Eucharist symbolic or is it literally the Body and Blood of Christ?

What was the deciding factor(s) which made you leave your previous church?

What is an Orthodox Prayer? Are repetative prayers wrong?

What I have learned as an Orthodox?

1). There are many passages in Scriptures as a Protestant I had problems with.

A). Paul using the name Jannes and Jambres as the magicians at Pharoah's court. Yet nowhere in the OT are these names found.

B).I had problems in Matthew 1:23 when Matthew said "He shall be born a Nazarane". When nowhere in the OT was this prophecy found.

C). I had problems with Titus quoting two different times books that were not part of the canon of Scripture as they were Scripture.

However, I realized a thing called 'Holy Tradition'. Things that are believed and past down faithfully.

2). I realized that Jesus did not leave us a orphans as he said we would not. He said he would guide us into all truth. Paul mentions many times to avoid schisms and did not want any divisions among us. Jesus commanded us to be one as the Father and Him are one. I found unity in the Orthodox Church but only schisms and arguments of interpretation outside the church.

3). As an Orthodox I have found what God's love really is and how he is really the God of the universe. The Trinity is one God revealed in three persons who love each other. They have always loved each other. They will always love each other. They will always bring forth love. Whereas, the God of Islam only had the potential to love until he created mankind and the angels. He could only love until he created or he could have loved himself. But the Christian God did not need to create man to be loved or to love but did so to further express his love. For instance, (and this is a bad example), a husband and wife may deeply love each other and will always love each other and have fulfillment in their relationship and would not have a lesser relationship if they didn't have children but to further express their love have children. It doesn't make them better to society or more entertained or desire love from the child selfishly but to simply express their love in a sharing way.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Should Christians Honor Mary?

Praying to the Saints.

As a Protestant for 38 years I had a false notion regarding the early church praying to the saints. I was assuming because people believed saints would have to be God in order to hear everyones prayers. Did I get that wrong. Comments.

The Orthodox View on God's Love For The World

Orthodox View on the Afterlife

What I have read on the Eastern Orthodox view on the afterlife is different than most Protestants. The Orthodox Church has a different view of hell.

Has the Roman Catholic Church Evolved?

We see the Roman Western Catholic Church evolving over time. New doctrines such as Papal Supremecy and infallibility, Indulgences, the term 'transubstantiation', and the Immaculate Coocenption have been created over the years. Comments?

Scripture Alone or Scipture and Holy Tradition?

No where in the Scriptures does one find the term 'Scripture Alone'. This was made popular by the Protestant Reformationist, Martin Luther. Yes, Scripture is profitable but 'profitable' does not mean 'only'. We find many Holy Traditions in the Scriptures along with Scripture references to follow the traditions of the apostles.


Many Protestants do not understand Icons. They assume this is a form of idolatry. Comments?

The Problem with Lutheranism

As a former Lutheran I have a problem with Sola Scriptura, Faith Alone, Grace Alone, and Christ Alone as I was taught in the church. Any Comments?

Papal Infallibility

Is the Pope infallible and the vicar of Christ?