Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What is an Orthodox Prayer? Are repetative prayers wrong?


Athanasios Boeker said...

The Fathers say that when we pray, we must pour our hearts into each and every prayer, written or adlib, no matter how many times we repeat them. And when we pray this way the prayer becomes part of us, and we become the prayer. By this method we pull down to us, the grace of God.


Ignatius said...

And I must add Jesus did not scold the Pharisees for repetitious prayer but vain repetative prayers.

DEP said...

At my church people read prayers they have written beforehand all the time. I believe when you sit down, think about what you want to say and mean it, it is better. I have no problem with extemporaneous prayers but they often fall flat when the speaker begins to stumble over what to say. If a person took an Orthodox prayer book, changed a few words and said them in my former church most people would compliment you on what a wonderful, on the spot prayer you just uttered. In some denominations extemporaneous prayer is considered a sign of "spiritual maturity".