Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Praying to the Saints.

As a Protestant for 38 years I had a false notion regarding the early church praying to the saints. I was assuming because people believed saints would have to be God in order to hear everyones prayers. Did I get that wrong. Comments.

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Ignatius said...

In my former Protestant thinking I always seperated the Church in heaven from the Church on earth?

However,later I realized Christ has only one body and his church is one not two.

I ask the saints to pray for me, since the Bible says "the prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective".

Jesus confimed those who have departed are alive and not dead when speaking to the pharisees.

The rich man cried out to Father Abraham and asked for help. Father Abraham heard him and obviously the man who was in Hades was still not remorseful because he still saw Lazarus as a servant because he wanted Lazarus to dip his own finger and cool his tongue showed he was not repentant, Father Abraham did not honor the request.

Hebrews mentions were are surrounded a cloud of witnesses after speaking of the departed saints.

Revelation 5 and 8 mentions the Saints offering prayers to God from those on earth.

Someone not believing saints can hear our prayers is as silly as the same person believing when we die we will instantaniously speak the same language.

God can do that but he can't make Saints hear our prayers through our Guardian Angels?